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Welcome to the Resource Base

Welcome to The Resource Base at Maes Yr Yrfa. We now have 11 pupils attending the Resource Base on a full-time basis. There are 8 full-time members of staff: 1 teacher and 7 LSA's. All pupils are supported during their day including breaktime and lunchtime. We will be updating the website with our activities during the term.

Emma Griffiths
(Resource Base Teacher)

New dates at the bottom of the page!

*Could you please ensure that all clothes have names inside including
gym kit. Thank you!


All pupils must wear sports kit to school and bring their school uniform in a bag in order to change. 

Swimming on Thursdays                            

The pupils must wear their school uniform for our shopping sessions every other Thursday. They will need at least £7.00 to buy food in the cafe in town. If the pupils would like to buy a magazine or a book then they will need extra money.

Dates for Swimming and Life Skills:

* 18/4/13
* 2/5/13
* 16/5/13
* 6/6/13
* 20/6/13
* 4/7/13

Dates for Golf

* 26/4/13
* 3/5/13
* 10/5/13
* 17/5/13
* 24/5/13
* 7/6/13
* 14/6/13
* 21/6/13
* 28/6/13
* 5/7/13
* 12/7/13

Ten Pin Bowling (Need £5.00 for food)

* 25/6/13

Golf Competition (Need Packed Lunch)

* 10/7/13

Bluestone (Need money for McDonalds)

* 16/7/13

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